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We make custom dog tags for dogs (and cats) printed with user-submitted designs.
All pet id tags are $11.99
Free shipping on orders over $25
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Cheap Pet ID Tags

Cheap Pet ID Tags that Don’t Look Cheap

Saving money doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice quality. Sometimes a product is both affordable and made to last. Finding cheap pet ID tags can be important, especially if you have multiple dogs and cats to worry about. The best way to get a deal isn’t to buy the first cheap pet ID tags you come across. Find out more about the makers of the pet ID tags, the materials used, their policies, and their customer service reputation (all of which we pride ourselves on here at Dog Tag Art). For us Cheap pet ID tags means selling a great product at a fair price, paws down.

Cheap Pet ID Tags Designed to Impress

Cheap pet ID tags can be affordable and stylish at the same time. Hundreds of cheap pet ID tag designs feature wide variety of colors, shapes, patterns, photos, and sayings. You don’t have to settle for a boring look in order to save money. You can find thousands of hip and trendy cheap pet ID tags that celebrate your 4-legged companion’s unique personality and won’t hurt your wallet right here at

Cheap Pet ID Tags Designed by You

Designing your own pet ID tags doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer an easy to use, customized system to upload your own personalized designs. Online technology now supports all kinds of do it yourself sites that encourage consumers to use their own creativity and inspirations to make designs they really love and enjoy. After uploading your own designs you can check a box allowing your design to be available to all. Then your friends to go buy cheap pet ID tags designed by you!

Cheap Pet ID Tags Protect Your Priceless Pet

Cheap pet ID tags are of course preferable, especially with the durability they’re built with here at Dog Tag Art, but pet ID tags are extremely important and worth any expense. Why? Because protecting your beloved dog or cat is top priority. Outdoor and indoor pets can be at risk for getting lost, injured, or picked up by animal control. Ensuring the safety of your pet requires easy to read, long lasting cheap pet ID tags. Buy or design your own today!


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