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We make custom dog tags for dogs (and cats) printed with user-submitted designs.
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Pet ID Tags Double Sided

The Best Pet ID Tags are Double Sided

Pet ID tags come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important aspect of any pet ID tag is that it contains the information needed to keep your pet safe. Double sided pet ID tags give you the space you need to include a name, your pet’s name, a phone number, possibly an email, and any important medical information. It is essential that all of the information about your dog or cat is clear and easy to read in case of an emergency. Double sided pet ID tags also come in cool shapes and sizes.

Double Sided Pet ID Tags Are Creative and Practical

Double sided pet ID tags have an obvious practical purpose: to create more space for important details and facts about your pet. There is another purpose behind them however; double sided pet ID tags give you more room to design an awesome personalized look. Two sides equals twice the space for colors, patterns, funny sayings, and more. Our pet ID tags are so durable that we guarantee them for life, and that includes the readability of both sides of the tag.

Make Your Own Pet ID Tags with Double Sided Designs

More space to design means more creativity can be involved in the process of making your own double sided pet ID tags. In order to get started it is best to review other pet ID tag designs and get inspired. After you have come up with an idea or concept you can begin to create graphics you think work well together and can be visually presented on double sided pet ID tags. Browse our collection of custom double sided pet ID tag designs or upload your own image or design to get started today.

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