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We make custom dog tags for dogs (and cats) printed with user-submitted designs.
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Pet Name Tag

You know in your heart that your pet is unlike any other pet out there. Her personality is as unique as yours, so why settle for a boring and generic pet name tag for your best friend!? Whether that best friend is a dog, cat, or even a horse is the place to go to create customized pet name tags. Browse our site today and be inspired!

You Put Thought into Your Pet Name; Take the Same Care in Choosing a Pet Name Tag

At we give you all the tools needed to create your own customized pet name tag. Your best friend has a unique name. Show off your pet’s uniqueness when you choose a pet name tag. Allow your creativity to run wild as you design a pet name tag that truly represents your pet.

Over 6000 Pet Name Tag Options to Choose From

Not only can you make your own unique pet name tag, but you can also peruse thousands of pet name tags designed by other creative individuals. Browse our archives and either find something that another pet lover created or draw on our photo gallery for inspiration in creating your own pet name tag.

Make Your Own Pet Name Tag for Your Pet or for a Friend

Do your friends or family members post photos of their pets as their Facebook profile (Or is that person you)? Well now you have an awesome gift to give your favorite pet appreciators. Customized pet name tags show your support of fellow animal lovers. “Best Dog in the World” looks awesome on a one-of-kind pet name tag, or just maybe you want to keep that one for yourself.

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